In recent times there have been many outfits trying to take advantage of confused people as they anxiously prepare for the best week of their life and we don’t think it’s on, so here are the facts.For over a decade we have been providing freshers with incredible memories and this year is no exception!

We provide the best off-campus freshers experience by miles and work year round with the Students Union of Lincoln University to keep you entertained and safe, week in week out.

Our weekly events Union and Bounce are affiliated to the Students Union and we are recognised as an experienced and reputable party machine!

During freshers week, there is a mix of events on campus provided by the Students Union, taking place at The Engine Shed.
At the same time, there are freshers events taking place in the city, run by us, across a number of brilliant venues.

Many of these events are weekly events which are huge all year around, such as Union, Bounce and Superbull, but we throw some specials into the mixer.

On most nights of freshers week, there will be an Student Union event on campus, and a big party in town. We recommend building your week around a mix of the two!

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